Royal Train at Penpergwm - Bob Green
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Video Clips
Bill Andrew on working on "Lizzie"
Traction Inspector Bill Andrew talks about working on "Lizzie" in 1989, and the experiences of other Midland Region crews. "Just like being at home" and "Totally confident" are two of the phrases used to describe working on Lizzies, giving some idea of the esteem with which the designs were held. Watch
6201 Steam Injector explained
Eric Ellis explains one of the mysteries of steam power -- how the feedwater injectors succeed in forcing water into the boiler against the steam pressure therein, whilst using steam at the same pressure; a lesson in simple physics! Watch
Royal Visit to 6201 in 1987
Her Majesty the Queen meets Princess Elizabeth and the 6201 team at Crewe on 24th July 1987; the acquaintance was renewed at Kemble Station when 6201 hauled the Royal Train in 2012. Watch
6201 boiler washout preparations
Engineer Eric Ellis shows what is required before running 6201 on the national network, with especial emphasis on boiler preparation for inspection. Watch
The preservation of 6201
This sequence, courtesy of the British Steam Railways series, tells the story of 6201’s acquisition for preservation from British Railways and has a look at the locomotive undergoing repair work on its piston valve and cylinders at Buckley Wells Works in Bury. Watch
6201 at the Royal Pageant by Martyn and Alan Field
6201 Princess Elizabeth hustles the Vintage Trains charter to London and sounds her hooter to start the historic Queen Elizabeth Royal Jubilee Thames River Water Pageant before working back to Birmingham. 6201's performance was described as "inspiring and impeccable". With acknowledgement amd thanks to Martyn and Alan Field. Watch
6201 on the Royal Train
The Royal Train has very appropriate Royal haulage as 6201 heads the train carrying Her Majesty the Queen from Newport (Gwent) to Hereford and from Worcester, with a storming ascent to Sapperton Tunnel, through Kemble to Hinksey. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
6201 over Shap
A dramatic sequence of 6201 charging up Shap seen from the footplate and lineside. Courtesy of PSOV and Mark Atkinson. Watch
Lancaster at night
6201 recreates the spectacle of main line steam passing through Lancaster at night. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
6201 at Hemerdon
Princess Elizabeth thunders up Hemerdon Bank out of Plymouth recreating the class's operation on Western metals in 1956! Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
6201 on the Lickey Incline
6201 climbs Britain's steepest main line gradient, energetically assisted by Pannier power banking. Courtesy of PSOV and Mark Atkinson. Watch
Holyhead 1988
Britain's most elegant locomotive shows it has guts as well as glamour as it tackles the difficult start out of Holyhead with a very heavy train. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
6201 at Lime St
Filmed with the help of Railtrack in the 1990's near the site of Eric Treacy's photo graphic masterpiece "Through Caverns Measureless" Princess Elizabeth demonstrates the leaving of Liverpool on the climb to Edgehill. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch

The Holyhead Road
The North Wales Coast route is taken at high speed passing Conway, through Bangor and from the footplate over the Menai and across Anglesey, returning to Chester at night, with a stunning pacing sequence. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
Raising the echoes at Lancaster
Roaring through Lancashire with such power and energy, it seems impossible that 6201 was built as long ago as 1933 - you could be forgiven for thinking it was the 1936 record run all over again! Courtesy of PSOV and Roger Oxendale. Watch
6201 on Dainton and Rattery
6201 hammers up Dainton and Rattery banks en route to Plymouth in fine style. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
6201 Exeter departure
The "dimpsey" light of evening in Devon shows part of the magic of steam power as 6201 leaves Exeter Leaving Exeter at night. Courtesy of PSOV. Watch
6201 beats Beattock
In 2002, after seven decades of operation and forty years since it last ran over the Caledonian main line, Princess Elizabeth shows she can still beat the west coast's 1,000 foot climb from Beattock over the Southern Uplands in style, and how! Courtesy of PSOV and Mark Atkinson. Watch
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