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6201 Princess Elizabeth Statistics

As the second of the two initial prototypes designed by William Stanier to introduce a revolution in the speed and capacity of west coast main line passenger trains for the London Midland & Scottish Railway, 'Princess Elizabeth' created a public and media sensation.

One of the first two Princess Royal class – 6200 carried that name – the 4-6-2 heavy express passenger locomotives were completed in June and November 1933 respectively, at Crewe works. Designed to be able to haul trains of 500 tons from London Euston to Glasgow Central without an engine change en route, they were the LMS’s first really big locomotives, and lead the massive transformation and standardisation of the LMS locomotive fleet under its Chief Mechanical Engineer, William Stanier. It shattered the London to Glasgow and return record time in November 1936 and put the LMS on an equal footing with the LNER.

6201 still holds the distinction of the World’s record for long distance high speed steam passenger train operation of maintaining an average of 70.15 mph over a distance of 401.4 miles hauling a train of 8 vehicles. It is also the largest steam locomotive to operate on the British national railway system.

Built: November 1933

Maker/Designer: London Midland & Scottish Railway; William (later Sir William) Stanier - later awarded FRS

Class: 7P Princess Royal 4-6-2 Class (Colloquially known as "Lizzies")

Length: Overall (Engine + Tender) 74 feet 4¼ inches

Height: 13 feet

Weight: Engine & tender - 159 tons 3 Cwt

Gauge: 4 feet 8½ inches

Wheel configuration: 4-6-2 with 6 wheel tender

Driving wheel diameter: 6 feet 6 inches

Boiler pressure: 250 lbs. per sq. inch

Cylinders: 4 cylinders 16½ inches in diameter x 28 inch stroke

Tractive Effort: 40,300 lbs. @ 85% boiler pressure

Valve Gear: Walschaerts

Custodians: Locomotive 6201 Princess Elizabeth Society Ltd

Makers No: 107 - later 6201 (B.R. 46201)

Lot No: 99

Original No: 6201

Important dates: 1933/11 Out shopped at Crewe. Allocated to Camden Shed, London. 22nd November named after Princess Elizabeth - now Queen Elizabeth II of England (I of Scotland).
Locomotive 6201 Princess Elizabeth Society Ltd, 39 Newton Street, MILLOM, Cumbria, LA18 4DR