2017 Fundraising Appeal - 6201 Princess Elizabeth Society
Help raise money for 6201 Princess Elizabeth steam locomotive by making a donation towards repairs.
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  Princess Elizabeth needs YOUR help 

Sadly Princess Elizabeth’s 2016 rail tour programme had to be curtailed early due to issues arising with the small boiler tubes.  In 2016 the 83 year old locomotive experienced other issues with some other parts which failed in service, meaning that some tours were prematurely cut short as well.   The society relies on donations and income from completed rail tours to put into funding maintenance and overhauls, and with the delay in returning the locomotive to service after the last overhaul which started in 2013, its left a shortfall in our finances to complete these essential repairs.   We have chosen the Princess Royal Class Locomotive Trust (PRCLT) at the West Shed, Butterley, in Derbyshire to carry out the required maintenance work.  PRCLT have a wealth of experience with maintaining LMS Stanier Pacific locomotives, such as Lizzie’s sister 6203 Princess Margaret Rose, and of 6233 Duchess of Sutherland. With your help we can get 6201 Princess Elizabeth back into action on the mainline again soon. We have identified three items we need to raise funds for to get the work started.   The first appeal is for the Small Boiler Tubes (£12,900) – and a huge thank you to everyone who has helped move this forward so quickly!  The second appeal is for a new Blower Valve and Blower/Ejector Ring (£7100), and finally we have a Just Giving page set up to help raise donations for the further expected maintenance work.  £12,000 Of which will be to crane lift the boiler off the locomotive for a full and thorough assessment of further work required.  If you would like to contribute to these appeals, please scroll down for more information. Donations over £50 are eligible for entry to win 3 fantastic prizes!  See below for more details!

  • Bronze: Every person donating £50 or more will be put into a prize draw to win a limited edition Hornby R2215 Golden Jubilee Edition 18ct Gold ‘Princess Elizabeth’ OO Gauge Model.

  • Silver: Every person donating £105 per small tube will be put into a prize draw to win a Premier Dining Seat on a future mainline tour with Steam Dreams.  10 seats available!  (Terms and Conditions apply)

  • Gold: For the first 4 donations over £5000: “A Day With The Princess” Including: 2 x Premier Dining seats with Steam Dreams.  2 Years 6201 Princess Elizabeth Society Membership.  A behind the scenes personal guided tour of the West Shed workshops.  2 Nights Dinner Bed and Breakfast at the 4* Ringwood Hall Hotel in Chesterfield, Derbyshire.  A pair of 6201 Princess Elizabeth overalls and safety boots.  Lunch provided on the day AND the chance to ride on 6201 Princess Elizabeth’s footplate during ‘running in’ – including the amazing and unique opportunity to help drive and fire Lizzie under the guidance of our Chief Mechanical Engineer Simon Scott!  (Terms and Conditions apply.)


Money Raised

Towards Initial £20,000 Required

Small Boiler Tubes

£7,310 of £12,900 raised

The small tubes carry the hot gases from the firebox down the length of the boiler and into the smoke box. 


In total there are 123 small boiler tubes which all require replacing.  Each tube is made of steel and is approximately 2 1/8" (5.4cm) diameter x 20ft (6.1m)in length.



 Small tubes awaiting fitting.


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Donation Total: £105.00

Blower Valve / Ejector Ring

£545 of £7,100 raised

The blower valve is controlled from the cab, and it is mainly used when the locomotive is stationary to keep the fire burning when the regulator is closed, and to maintain boiler pressure.


The ejector ring (pictured below), is located inside the smoke box.  The current one is damaged, and with no off the shelf parts available; a new one needs to be cast, machined and fitted.

Ejector Ring

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Donation Total: £50.00